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Our dental networks include qualified and credentialed dental providers offering members access to general dentists and dental specialists throughout the U.S. and Colorado.

Our dental network has successfully combined the needs of both the consumer AND plan providers. The plans are very easy to administer due to the fact that there are no claim forms or prior authorizations to complete as there are with the traditional indemnity or PPO plans you currently accept.

Over 900+ dentists have contracted with us. We are the “proven dental plan partner” since 1990. We have the largest network of this type in Colorado!

Why join the Colorado Alpha Dental Network?

Grow your patient base

Gain monthly revenue

Retain more patients

Promote your practice

Our plans will also offer your practice the following additional advantages:

  • Our members have immediate availability to all procedures…even for crowns and dentures
  • All fees are due to you at the time services are provided so there are no collection issues
  • An excellent avenue for new patients who would not have normally sought out your office
  • The perfect tool for long term patient retention
  • Localized advertising and promotion of your practice to large companies – at NO COST to you
  • Easy addition into any type of practice
  • A local team of experienced professionals to support you and your office staff
  • Members who are knowledgeable about the plan due to required extensive enrollment meetings

We also have an individual dental plan that you can use in your office for your patients and prospective new patients that need a great deal of dental work done and cannot afford to pay full fees. Why let them go down the street to another provider willing to take less? The goal is to get them started on the treatment ASAP.

We look forward to partnering with you to provide outstanding dental services! Sign up to become a dental provider in our network to gain new patients and revenue.

Join the Colorado Alpha Dental Network! It's Easy!

Become a network dentist in four easy steps:

  1. Apply using the form below
  2. Check your email, fill out the application forms, and send them back to us
  3. We will contact you to confirm that your office has been added to the network
  4. Start seeing and signing up new patients

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